What does an autosomal recessive pedigree look like?


What does an autosomal recessive pedigree look like?


A pedigree is a way to track the inheritance of traits over generations. In non-human organisms, many different types of genetic studies can be done to investigate their traits, but experiments cannot be done on humans, so pedigrees are a major tool we use.

A pedigree looks like a family tree. The two biological parents of an individual are connected by a horizontal line, and those parents are then connected to their offspring by a vertical line. Biological sexes are indicated by shapes; a circle represents a biological female, and a square represents a biological male. Through the connections between individuals, you can see an entire extended family. You can then map traits onto the pedigree. Usually the trait chosen will be binary (yes/no) for simplicity. The individuals with the trait of interest will have their shapes shaded in (black), while the individuals without the trait will have open shapes (white).

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An autosomal recessive pedigree is one that shows the inheritance of a non sex-linked recessive trait over time. Traits can be sex-linked or...

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