What event started the Pequot War?


What event started the Pequot War?

U.S. History

In the 1600s as Colonial America was expanding and trying to acquire more land, there was increasing interaction with the Native American population occupying the land.

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An English raid let to the Pequot War.

Colonial America was expanding rapidly in the early 1600s, especially during the decade of the 1630s. More and more English settlers were arriving every year, and as the population grew, so did their need for new land that expanded beyond Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. In order to acquire more land, the Puritans moved into the region of Southern Connecticut, specifically an area called the Mystic River Valley. This region was occupied by the Pequot Indians, and as the Puritans increasingly infringed upon their land, the Pequot Indians refused to leave and submit to the Puritans' increasingly restrictive policies. However, the event that started the war was the raid of John Endicott on Block Island, Rhode Island. The Pequot saw this as a provocation of war.

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