What evidence best supports the plate tectonics theory?


What evidence best supports the plate tectonics theory?

Plate Tectonics Theory:

The theory of plate tectonics was first hypothesized by Alfred Wegener in the early 1900s. Since then more evidence has been found to support the theory.

Answer and Explanation:

The theory of plate tectonics has several supporting pieces of evidence from fossils, rock layers, and complementary coastlines. Fossilized organisms can be found on separate continents. These organisms would not have been able to travel the vast distances between the continents as they are today, which implies the continents were once closer together. The same is true of rock layers found on different continents that have the same chemical compositions and ages. Finally, the coastlines of several continents are complementary in shape and appear to fit together like a puzzle. This was found to be true beyond current coastlines, which would change often, at the 1000 meter depth contour.

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