What expressions are the equivalent to 4(4a+5)?


What expressions are the equivalent to 4(4a+5)?

Distributive Property

An opposite process to factorization is known as distribution of the terms. For example, if we're given an expression a(b + c), we may multiply a by each term in parentheses to distribute the terms and obtain a(b + c) = ab + ac.

Answer and Explanation:

We wish to find an equivalent expression to a given factored form. In order to do this, we may distribute the terms as explained previously:

{eq}4(4a + 5) = 4\cdot 4a + 4\cdot 5 = 16a + 20 {/eq}

Therefore, the equivalent expression to the given factored form is the distributed form of {eq}\boxed{16a + 20} {/eq}.

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