What happened after the Halifax Explosion?


What happened after the Halifax Explosion?

The Halifax Explosion

The Halifax explosion was a human-caused disaster that occurred in the winter of 1917 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Two ships had collided in Halifax Harbor, one of which was carrying high explosives. The resulting explosion destroyed wide swaths of surrounding human settlements and local environment. Many at the time feared the presence of German agents, as World War I was still in full effect over in Europe.

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After the events of the Halifax Explosion and its aftermath, the Canadian Royal Navy launched an investigation into the causes of the disaster. There were widespread fears that the explosion had been an intentional attack by German submarines, as one of the ships involved in the explosion had been transporting goods intended for use in Europe as part of a relief package. Immediately after the explosion, German survivors of the incident were collected and arrested by the local government and held for questioning until the investigation concluded. A Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry was launched by the Halifax government to determine the order of events leading up to and following the explosion. No party was ever charged with criminal behavior; the explosion, at the conclusion of the investigation and subsequent trials. Reconstruction efforts began soon after the disaster, though by January of the following year, 5,000 people were still without permanent shelter.

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