What happens to water in the atmosphere as it rises?


What happens to water in the atmosphere as it rises?

The Water Cycle

Water is one of the primary life forces on the planet, enabling biological life to thrive. It exists in the clouds; in the sea, rivers, and oceans; and even underground! Water circulates between the land, bodies of water, and atmosphere through the water cycle in stages that include evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.

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Water rises in the atmosphere as part of the evaporation process. Most of this water vapor rises from bodies of water on Earth, but some of this is a result of transpiration in plants. During evaporation, water is in a gaseous state and it is purified, leaving behind minerals. As the water vapor rises in the atmosphere, it encounters colder and colder regions - causing condensation. This condensation may form into water or ice. When it falls to the ground, it becomes known as precipitation.

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