What if a client approaches you with an engagement request that you are not sure your CPA firm...


What if a client approaches you with an engagement request that you are not sure your CPA firm provides? Knowing which services are offered and how they are performed helps to ensure you provide your clients with the services they need. You are approached by the Emerald Production Company management to review and analyze their customer satisfaction trends over the past 5 years. This assurance service would tell management if their suspicions were correct in that customer satisfaction has been declining, especially in the past 2 years. Management currently evaluates customer satisfaction based on customer retention and sales increases. While management sends out surveys via mail and email to customers, response rates are very low. Management does not consider the survey responses to be an accurate representation of their customer service. In fact, only customers with negative feedback are the ones who respond.


1. Assuming that your firm can provide this type of service, where would you look to find guidance for this service?

2. What standards would you need to follow?

3. What type of report would you issue, and what should be included in the report?

Quality customer service:

The quality of customer service is often manifested by the repetition of sales. The sales performance can be monitored by research, on customer behavior and a personalized service leads to customer retention and satisfaction.

Answer and Explanation:

1)Customer service research gives support to maintaining immaculate levels of service quality and there are firms which do this qualitative research. There are customer expectations and the assessments are professionally tabbed to give a satisfactory sale.

2) Standards are monitored through a checklist on the customer network. Often you have to call and assess the service quality. There is an evaluation system on the checklist, mystery shopping etc. and the measure of contract service is by giving weights to each type of criteria. Was the good delivered on time, invoice prepared correctly, any sales returns etc.

3)the report will be a customer service research report that states the customer type, level of satisfaction and feedback of goods quality, why goods returned, and discounts.

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