What is 0.125 in fraction form?


What is 0.125 in fraction form?

Answer and Explanation:

To convert a decimal to a fraction, we first divide the numerator based on the number of digits after the decimal. If there is one digit after the decimal point, divide by 10; divide by 100 if there are two digits after the decimal point, or by 1,000 if there are three, or by 10,000 if there are four, and so on. Because there are three digits after the decimal point in 0.125, we divide 125 by 1,000 as the first step.

We then reduce 125/1000 to its lowest form by repeatedly dividing both the numerator and the denominator by a common number every time until this is no longer possible:

  • Dividing by 5, 125/1000 becomes 25/200.
  • Dividing by 5 again gets 5/40.
  • Dividing again by 5 equals 1/8.

This cannot be reduced further. Hence, 0.125 in fraction form is 1/8.

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