What is a disadvantage of being an endotherm? a) High food requirements b) Requires heavy...


What is a disadvantage of being an endotherm?

a) High food requirements

b) Requires heavy insulation

c) Greater sensitivity to temperature changes

Disadvantages of Endothermy

Endothermy describes the ability of certain animals to maintain their body temperature at a stable value despite changes to their external environment.

Answer and Explanation: 1

Endothermic, or warm-blooded animals, behave very differently from many of their ectothermic (cold-blooded) counterparts. This is due to the physical and behavioral differences that exist between animals that maintain a constant body heat as compared to those which exhibit body temperatures that more closely reflect their immediate surroundings.

A major disadvantage of being an endotherm is concisely summed up in option: a) High food requirements.

This is a disadvantage for endotherms because these organisms suffer greatly in times of food shortages. The energy required to constantly maintain a specific body temperature (higher than the surrounding environment) makes it essential for these animals to procure energy through sustenance more frequently than ectothermic animals.

Ectothermic animals, in contrast, are able to modulate their body temperature when they struggle to find food, ultimately limiting the amount of energy they expend and thus increasing their possibility of survival.

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