What is a group of raccoons called?


What is a group of raccoons called?


The raccoon is a type of mammal that is native to North America, although some populations have been introduced into Europe and Asia. Raccoons are members of the Procyonid family, which also includes other North and South American mammals like ringtails, kinkajous, and coatis.

Answer and Explanation:

A group of raccoon is formally known as a 'gaze,' or a 'nursery.' However, since these terms are not commonly known, most source will just use 'group,' 'family,' or a related term. Raccoons tends to have somewhat complex social dynamics. Although many people assume that raccoons are solitary, they actually tend to live in large, informal social group. Males will often form groups with each other, while mother raccoons will become more solitary to protect their kits from male raccoons who might pose a threat.

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