What is a stink bug's habitat?


What is a stink bug's habitat?

Stink Bug's Habitat:

Stink bugs are pesky bugs that get their name from the fact that when they are crushed or when they are defending themselves, they give off a bad odor, or a stink. The habitat of a stink bug is an environment that provides them with plenty to eat and plenty of comfort. Because of this you will find them in different places at different times of the year.

Answer and Explanation:

The habitat of a stink bug is one with lots of leaves and plants for them to feed on. Hence, their outdoor habitats are gardens, crops, orchards, and farms. However, when the temperatures begin to drop, stink bugs will look for a warmer environment to ride out the winter in. This happens in the fall when things tend to cool down. When this happens, it is common for stink bugs to find their way into one's home or into buildings for warmth. Within one's home, stink bugs will seek out decorative plants or indoor herb gardens as their indoor habitat.

During the winter months, stink bugs usually settle within walls of homes and buildings where they are out of sight, but come spring, they will make their appearance again trying to find a way to get outside back to their outdoor habitats. Thankfully, stink bugs are not harmful to humans. However, they can wreak havoc on crops, plants, and orchard trees, so they are definitely considered to be pesky bugs.

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