What is an environmental stimulus?


What is an environmental stimulus?

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In Psychology, a stimulus is anything that gets a response or reaction from a person. There are many different types of stimuli; external, internal, environmental etc.

Answer and Explanation:

A stimulus could be someone, something, a place, an event etc. that causes you to change your behavior. Environmental stimuli are things that happen in the environment that elicit a response or reaction from a person. For example, a drop in temperature may prompt some people to put on a coat or sweater. A loud thunder boom might elicit a startled jump. In these examples, the stimuli were the change in temperature and the loud boom.

Environmental stimuli include smells and tastes as well. For example, you smell brownies and then you eat one. Or, you take a bite of a casserole and you like it so you take another bite. If you do not like the stimulus (the taste of the casserole), you would not take another bite.

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