What is electric flux through paper?


What is electric flux through paper?

Electric field

An electric field is a field emitted by a stationary or a moving charge that exerts a force on another charge present in the field, it could be a repulsive or attractive force depending on the source and the test charge. The strength of the field decreases as you go away from the source as well as the strength of the force that is proportional to the electric field.

Answer and Explanation:

Flux is the amount of something passing through a surface. That something could be the electric field and it is called electric flux.

To get the electric flux, you need to know the strength of the electric field and also the surface vector of an area of the paper as well as the angle between the two.

The formula for the electric flux is,

{eq}\phi _E = EA \cos \theta {/eq}


{eq}\phi_E = \text{electric flux} {/eq}

{eq}E = \text{magnitude of electric field} {/eq}

{eq}A = \text{surface vector of an area} {/eq}

{eq}\theta = \text{angle between the electric field and the surface vector of an area} {/eq}

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