What is extrinsic motivation?


What is intrinsic motivation?


People do things because they are motivated to do those things. Sometimes, we are motivated by our own desire to learn or to create something. Other times, we complete a task only because we get some type of payoff for doing so.

Answer and Explanation:

Extrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from outside the person. For example, paying a worker to do a job is extrinsic motivation. The reward for doing the job is the paycheck. If the employer quits giving a paycheck, the worker's behavior will stop. In this case, the worker doesn't do the job for enjoyment or personal satisfaction. The job is completed only to get paid.

If the worker was intrinsically motivated, on the other hand, the paycheck wouldn't matter. The worker would be self-motivated to complete the job because it is personally fulfilling and satisfying.

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