What is prisonization?


What is prisonization?

What is Prison Subculture?:

A subculture is a culture within a larger culture that has its own set of informal rules and values that are common to the group. In a prison, this subculture can dictate the informal rules and codes that the inmates live by. They can define behavior regarding cooperation with the prison administration, sharing contraband, punishment by other inmates and a variety of other social rules.

Answer and Explanation:

The prisonization of an inmate occurs when a new inmate learns and accepts the subculture of the prison environment. This usually takes time and experience and sometimes trial and error. This covers many aspects of the prisoner?s interaction with other inmates. Some of these rules are stay with your own group, don't get the guards involved, don't snitch and do you own time and not interfere with other's doing their time.

Prisoners who have been successfully prisonized for a long period of time often have a hard time adjusting to the outside world once their time has been served. In some cases, this leads him or her to re-offend so they can be back in an environment where they feel they belong.

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