What is pseudo force?


What is pseudo force?

Inertial Frame of Reference

An inertial frame of reference , in mechanics, refers to the reference frame that an observer views an object. In this manner, the laws of Newton are valid such that a body is in equilibrium when it is at rest or moving at a constant speed.

Answer and Explanation:

Fictitious or pseudo forces arise from the change of reference frame that an observer views a particle. When a particle in an inertial frame is viewed by an observer in a non-inertial frame of reference (such as an accelerating frame), a force occurs due to this non-uniform motion and acts observer. An example of this type of force is the centrifugal force that appears to act on all objects viewed along a rotating frame of reference. Here, since the direction of the object changes, the object accelerates. This force then pulls the particle away from the axis of rotation.

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