What is some information that should be found in big data databases? Why has big-data analytics...


What is some information that should be found in big data databases? Why has big-data analytics become so popular with companies like Kraft Foods, United Airlines, and Ford Motor Company? How do you think that these companies will use big data in the future? Will big data put researchers out of business? Include your rationale

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics deals with data sets that are too big or complex to manually compute, analyze, or assess by traditional methods of data analysis, whether manual or software based.

Answer and Explanation:

Big data databases should have traditional data like transaction information and financial records, as well as newer digital data that is constantly changing and updating like web behavior and social network information. Big data analytics has become so popular with large companies because due to the sheer size of their operation, they have access to more data than can be manually collected. All of it could be relevant to their operations but it needs to be analyzed with regression, clustering, grouping, and classifying. Due to the constantly changing nature of newer digital data, large companies need big data to be able to identify and react to trends in their industries. In the future they will rely on big data to analyze itself and identify trends with the use of A.I. by giving sets of objectives. This kind of mass processing may not put researchers out of business, but those researchers in the future will need to be able to operate and work with big data databases.

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