What is the answer to 7(d+5d) - 16d =?


What is the answer to {eq}7(d+5d) - 16d =? {/eq}

Distributive Property

Whenever we have an equation with one variable, our goal is to simplify it. An equation in a form a(b + c) + d might be simplified by applying the distributive property {eq}a(b + c) = ab + ac {/eq} firstly followed by combining the terms.

Answer and Explanation:

Let's begin this problem by applying the distributive property:

{eq}7(d + 5d) = 7\cdot d + 7\cdot 5d = 7d + 35d {/eq}

The equation now becomes:

{eq}7d + 35d - 16d {/eq}

We may now combine the terms, as each of them contains the same variable d:

{eq}7d + 35d - 16d = 26d {/eq}

Therefore, the simplified expression would be {eq}\boxed{26d} {/eq}

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