What is the answer to tan^2 x-sec x-1 = 0 in 0,2\pi).


What is the answer to {eq}tan^2 x-sec x-1 = 0 {/eq} in [ {eq}0,2\pi {/eq}).

Solving Trigonometric Equations:

The solution of an equation that includes trigonometric functions in variable {eq}x {/eq}, where {eq}x {/eq} lies in {eq}\in \left[0,2\pi\right), {/eq} is called the principal solution. If the solution contains the integer {eq}n {/eq} in it, it gives all the solutions and is called the general solution.

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{eq}\tan ^2 x - \sec x -1 =0\\ (\sec^2 x -1) - \sec x - 1=0\\ \sec^2 x - \sec x - 2=0\\ \sec^2 x - 2\sec x +\sec x- 2=0\\ (\sec x -...

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