what is the apparent angle the diameterof the moon subtends as seen from the earth in radians....


What is the apparent angle the diameter of the moon subtends as seen from the earth in radiant.?


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The angle between two straight lines is the measure of the difference in the directions of two lines. The greater is the difference in their individual directions, the greater is the angle between them.

In radians, the angle subtended by an arc of a circle at its center is equal to the angle between the two radii meeting at the endpoints of the arc and is defined by the equation:

{eq}\text{Angle}=\dfrac{\text{Arc}}{\text{Radius}} {/eq}

The angle subtended by an object at a point is approximated by the above equation by replacing the arc length with the height/width of the object and replacing the radius by the mean distance of the object from the point. The approximation is useful if the distance between the object and the point is large as compared to the size of the object.

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{eq}\\ {/eq}

  • The distance between Earth and the Moon is: {eq}R=3.84\times 10^{5}\;\rm km {/eq}
  • The radius of Moon, {eq}r=1.74\times 10^{3}\;\rm...

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