What is the book Advise and Consent about?


What is the book Advise and Consent about?

Author of Advise and Consent:

Allen Drury worked in the Senate as the US Senate correspondent for United Press International for quite some time, which given this experience, is an influence on his book. The novel received its name from an extract of the United States Constitution and got published in 1960. It became an exit because of the insight into American politics.

Answer and Explanation:

This novel, set during the mid-1900s, is about a group of politicians of The Senate when they will have to decide if allow or stop the election of the new Secretary of State chosen by The President of the United States.

The author tells the story through the perspective of four different characters: one of them being the right hand of The President in charge of making sure the candidate is approved, an old Republican Senator, a Democrat that does not support the nomination, and the Democrat candidate that lost the bid against the President during the Democratic intern election. Every one of these characters is struggling with the decision that the President made.

This way, it is a perfect example of the complexity of politics. It shows how the U.S Senate works and what happens when personal interests get in the middle of the work.

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