What is the distance from the Earth to Uranus?


What is the distance from the Earth to Uranus?

Planetary Orbits:

Each planet in our solar system revolves around the sun. We refer to the time it takes to complete one circuit of a planet's orbit as that planet's year. We're used to thinking of time in terms of one Earth year but other planets take much longer to complete their year. In fact, Uranus takes 84 earth years to complete its orbit. This means that we zoom around our path several times while Uranus finishing one go around. Because of these differences in orbit size, the distance between planets is constantly changing based on what part of their orbit we find them when we measure.

Answer and Explanation:

The average distance between the Earth and the sun is 92.96 million miles while the average distance between Uranus and the sun is 1.784 billion...

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