What is the ethical point of the tragedy ''Antigone''?


What is the ethical point of the tragedy Antigone?

Antigone and Ethics:

Antigone is a play revolving around morality and what is right vs. wrong. Most Greek tragedies had a moral message, and Antigone is no different. It tells the message through a conversation between two characters of opposing beliefs. King Creon and his niece Antigone have an extensive exchange of beliefs, and both remain stubborn and unmoved. This eventually ends in the way all tragedies do with our tragic hero dying.

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The ethical point in Antigone is that even if the law says otherwise, you must do what is morally just for all. Antigone knows that by burying her...

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Sophocles builds dramatic tension in ''Antigone'' by using themes based on conflicts. These conflicts create a rich dramatic texture that explores characters' intense emotions and gender roles, as well as their obedience to the rules of government and religion.

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