What is the greatest common factor of two polynomials?


What is the greatest common factor of two polynomials?

Factoring Polynomials:

There are some methods to factorize polynomials, such as:

1. Taking out the largest common factors

2. Grouping the same factors

3. Special forms of polynomials,

{eq}\quad (a^2 - b^2) = (a + b)(a-b) \\ \quad (a^3 - b^3) = (a - b)(a^2 + ab + b^2) \\ \quad (a^3 + b^3) = (a - b)(a^2 - ab + b^2) \\ {/eq}

4. Factoring polynomials wity descending order.

We can apply one of them or combine them.

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Let we have two polynomials and we can factor them.

Then, the common factor of these two polynomials is the same factor that belongs to both...

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If the factors of a number are the different numbers that you can multiply together to get that original number, then the greatest common factor of two numbers is just the biggest one that both have in common. See some examples of what I'm talking about here!

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