What is the impact of the development of citizen journalism?


What is the impact of the development of citizen journalism?


A citizen is a native or naturalized member of country. A citizen, called a subject, in some constitutional monarchy, owes allegiance to the country. They enjoy some rights, including the right to carry the country's passport.

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Citizen journalism involves the active participation of individuals, not trained as journalists, in gathering, reporting, processing, and distributing news items and information. It is an alternative media outlet whose rise, certain developments, such as open publishing, and distributed content, aided. Citizen journalism bypasses mainstream media, and employs Internet technologies including social media, email, and text messaging, in rapidly disseminating information worldwide. The impact of the development of citizen journalism include, the evolution of social movements, such as the Arab Spring, for the promotion of human rights, and democratic values; its utilization by mainstream political parties for electioneering purposes; its pernicious roles in misinforming the public including disseminating conspiracy theories, and fake news; and its negative impact on traditional journalism, which now has to compete with citizen journalism. Issues such as budgetary constraints, limit access of professional journalists to the array of technologies that citizen journalists may employ for speedy, and widespread information dissemination. This makes traditional journalism less competitive than citizen journalism.

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