What is the molar mass of FeSO4 7H2O?


What is the molar mass of {eq}FeSO_4 \cdot 7H_2O {/eq}?

Determination of the molar mass of {eq}FeSO_4\cdot 7H_2O {/eq}

Ferrous sulfate in pharmaceuticals is used as a source of iron that helps to increase the hemoglobin contents of the blood. It is for the same reason used to fortify foods to prevent anemias due to iron deficiency. It helps to bring down the pH of soils so that nutrients are available to plants.

Answer and Explanation:

{eq}FeSO_4\cdot 7H_2O {/eq}

Ferrous sulfate is available with different molecules of hydrations, So Molecular mass depends upon the number of the water molecules associated with it. Heptahydrate is most common. it is blue-green in color. Its Molar mass is 278.02 g/mol

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