What is the name of OH-CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3?


What is the name of {eq}OH-CH_3-CH_2-CH_2-CH_2-CH_3 {/eq}?

Nomenclature of functional groups:

Hydrocarbons may have one or more of its carbons linked to a functional group in place of hydrogen. Such hydrocarbons with specific functional groups are named by firstly determining the parent chain (longest chain with the functional group) and then numbering the carbons in the parent chain giving the lowest possible number to the carbon with the functional group. However, if more than one functional group is there then the numbering is done by following the priority order of the functional groups. The name of the functional group is written as the 'suffix' followed by the prefix meth, eth, prop, etc., for the number of carbon atoms in the parent chain.

Answer and Explanation:

In naming alcohols, a hydrocarbon with the functional group (-OH), the suffix added to the root name is 'ol'.

  • Determining the parent chain :


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