What is the net force that acts on a10 N falling object when it encounters 4 N of air resistance?...


What is the net force that acts on a{eq}10 \ N {/eq} falling object when it encounters {eq}4 \ N {/eq} of air resistance? {eq}10 \ N {/eq} of air resistance?

Newton's Law:

Newton's law relates that the sum of forces acting on an object is proportional to its acceleration, a, {eq}\displaystyle \Sigma F = ma {/eq}, wherein, m is the object's mass. We can add up {eq}\displaystyle F {/eq} as long as it is along the same axis of movement.

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Determine the net force, {eq}\displaystyle \Sigma F {/eq}, that acts upon the object. We do this by simply adding the given forces. We have the force...

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