What is the order in planetary orbits?


What is the order in planetary orbits?

Solar System:

We know that the formation of the Solar System is due to the gravitational collapse of a giant molecular cloud of dust that forms Sun through spinning. At the center of the nebula, Sun was formed and the small particles were pulled together by the gravitational force which creates large particles.

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The Solar System is composed of a Sun and eight planets. These planets are orbiting around the sun. Starting from the Sun, the nearest planet is Mercury, which is the smallest of all. Followed by Venus, the hottest planet and the second brightness star in the sky. Third, is the Earth, which the only planet that supports life. Fourth, is Mars also called as the Red Planet and the second-smallest planet. The fifth planet is Jupiter which is known to be the largest among eight planets. The sixth planet from the Sun is Saturn that is known for its rings and the second-largest planet in the Solar System. Then, seventh is Uranus which is the third-largest planet. Lastly, the farthest planet from the Sun is Neptune.

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