What is the paraphrase of this quote? __''Were reft of our two brethren in one day By double...


What is the paraphrase of this quote?

Were reft of our two brethren in one day

By double fratricide; and since i' the night

Our Argive leaguers fled, no later news

Has reached me, to inspirit or deject


Antigone is a tragedy written by Sophocles around 441 BC; it is one of few ancient Greek tragedies that have survived and thus serves as an important document of history. Furthermore, the play explores numerous moral/ethical and political dilemmas, such as the treatment of someone who kills others, whether a leader's actions are ethical if they are justified by the state, and the struggle between human law and divine law. Antigone has remained a widely studied and popularized work, and it has moreover been adapted, translated, and performed on stage since at least the 1800s.

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The provided quote originates from the prologue of Sophocles' tragedy, titled Antigone. In the prologue, Antigone and her sister, Ismene, recount the...

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