What is the plate tectonic model?


What is the plate tectonic model?

Plate Tectonic Model:

The earth is divided into several layers-inner core, outer core lower mantle, upper mantle, and the uppermost crust. The upper mantle together with the crust forms the lithosphere. The lithosphere is divided into several large, massive pieces of solid rocks called lithospheric plates or the continental plates.

Answer and Explanation:

The lithosphere of the earth is divided into several major and minor plates, called tectonic plates that glide on the upper mantle called the asthenosphere. This layer of the upper mantle is partially molten due to the intensely heated inner layers. The hot melted rocks in the inner layers rise and, subsequently, sink on cooling to create convection currents that cause the movement of the tectonic plates. This theory of continuously moving tectonic plates forms the basis of the tectonic plate model.

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