What is the plural of quail?


What is the plural of quail?

Making Nouns Plural

Plural words are words that mean 'more than one.' To make a word plural, you often just add an '-s' or '-es' at the end of the word, but some words don't follow this rule.

Answer and Explanation:

The plural for 'quail' is quail.

There are some words that can be plural without changing the spelling of the word at all. For example, read these two sentences:

The young deer was alone in the forest, making me wonder where its mother was.

The young deer were alone in the forest, making me wonder where their mothers were.

Both sentences are almost identical, but did you notice the difference? The first sentence is talking about one 'deer' and the second is talking about several 'deer.' The word 'deer' can be plural without adding an '-s' on the end of the word.

The word 'quail' can be used in a similar way. A quail is a bird. You can see one 'quail' on a branch, or you can see a group of 'quail' on a branch.

You might see the word 'quails' used sometimes. This is correct when the word refers to individual birds that have been brought together. For example: There were many quails in cages at the bird show. This shows that there are many birds there, but they're not in one singular group.

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