What is the plural of synthesis?


What is the plural of synthesis?

Making Words Plural

Although most words can be made plural by adding the ending '-s' or '-es', some words don't follow this rule. To correctly make these words plural, you need to make other changes to the words.

Answer and Explanation:

The plural of the word 'synthesis' is spelled 'syntheses.' To make it plural, you drop the '-is' and change it to '-es.'

This is because the word 'synthesis' is a Latin word. There are some other Latin words that end in '-is' that follow this same rule.

Here are some other words that are made plural by changing the ending '-is' to -'es:'

  • analysis/analyses
  • axis/axes
  • crisis/crises
  • diagnosis/diagnoses
  • oasis/oases
  • thesis/theses

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