What is the reproductive procedure for earthworms?


What is the reproductive procedure for earthworms?


Earthworms are a part of the phylum Annelida. They are responsible for enriching and improving the quality of the soil. They also release castings which are wastes from their bodies. Castings help in providing nutrients to the plants.

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Earthworms are hermaphrodites. This implies that they contain both male and female sex organs. These are responsible for the production of sperm and egg cells respectively. Two earthworms line up inverted on each other during mating so that sperms can be exchanged.

Each earthworm contains 2 male openings as well as 2 sperm receptacles which are responsible for taking another earthworm's sperm inside. The clitellum produces a slimy tube around the ovaries and this tube takes up eggs from the female pore. The tube passes over the male pore spermatheca which has male sperms or spermatozoa. Then eggs get fertilized and the slime layer closes off. The fertilized eggs develop and evolve into young earthworms.

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