What is the smartest animal to ever live besides humans/monkeys?


What is the smartest animal to ever live besides humans/monkeys?


Intelligence is termed as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. It has been defined as capacity for logic, self-awareness, emotional knowledge, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving.

Answer and Explanation:

Apart from humans and monkeys, the other smartest animal, in my view, to ever exist, is the dolphin.

Dolphins are carnivorous swimming mammals that are known for their playful nature. They are social and they live in groups, hunting and playing together. They are highly maternal and dolphins have been observed cuddling and nesting their young. They communicate with each other by whistling. They also produce loud pulsed sounds when excited or aggressive. Some females also produce a burst pulse to reprimand their calves for bad behavior.

Dolphins make friends, and instead of spending time with any dolphins near them, they segregate themselves into friend groups. Dolphins also prefer the company of certain peers more than others. Each dolphin has and responds to its name. These are not like the usual human names, but distinct whistles unique for each dolphin. Dolphins may remember other dolphins' whistles after decades apart.

From these characteristics, I can conclude that dolphins are indeed the most intelligent animals other than humans and monkeys.

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