What is the source of all energy in the atmosphere?


What is the source of all energy in the atmosphere?

Answer and Explanation:

The sun is the ultimate source of energy in the atmosphere.

The sun provides heat and light to the atmosphere, which further provides this to organisms present on Earth. It is the basis of all life on Earth; life includes all green plants, algae, fungi, protozoans, aquatic organisms, human beings, animals, etc.

Before coming to the organisms of the Earth, sunlight has to pass through a wrapping around the Earth known as atmosphere. The atmosphere is a thin covering present all around the Earth. The atmosphere absorbs the sun's energy and transfers it to Earth through conduction, convection and radiation.

Green plants absorb this energy in the form of small energy packets, or quanta. They utilize this energy to produce food via the process of photosynthesis. Herbivores feed on these plants, and thus indirectly obtain food from the sun. Carnivores feed on herbivores, so they also obtain food (energy) from the sun indirectly.

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