What is the theme in The Veldt?


What is the theme in The Veldt?

The Veldt:

The Veldt is a science fiction short story by American author Ray Bradbury. The story follows a family living in a technology-enhanced home. The children's nursery includes virtual reality capabilities, which fuels tension between the children and their parents.

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The theme of The Veldt is that being overly reliant on technology can be dangerous. In the story, the parents George and Lydia realize they have allowed technology to take on an unhealthy level with their family. However, when George attempts to restrict his children's of technology, the children rebel by breaking into the off-limits virtual reality playroom. When George speaks of setting limits, his son Peter reacts with disbelief, saying ''That sounds terrible! Would I have to tie my own shoes instead of letting the machine do it? . . .I don't want to do anything but look and listen and smell'' (Bradbury 8). George's friend, a psychologist, confirms the dangers inherent in the family's over-reliance on technology. He explains that the original purpose of the children's room was to allow for monitoring of the children's thought patterns, but the children's room now ''has become a means of creating destructive thoughts, instead of helping to make them go away'' (Bradbury 10). The psychologist advises George to stop their use of technology, to return to a normal life. His advice comes too late, though, as the children use the technology to murder their parents, preferring the technology to a traditional family life.

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