What is the value of y in the equation 6 + y = -3?


What is the value of y in the equation 6 + y = -3?

Addition Principle of Equality:

In order to transpose one quantity form one side of the equation to another relies on the addition principle of equality. The principle indicates that in order for an equality to remain the same, when a quantity is added on one side of the equation, the same amount should be added to the other side of the equation as well.

Answer and Explanation:

To determine the value of y in the equation, the 6 has to be transposed by the addition princicple of equality:

{eq}\begin{align} 6 + y &= -3 \\ 6 -6 + y &= -3 -6 \\ y &= -9 \end{align} {/eq}

From {eq}6 + y = -3 {/eq}, the value of {eq}y= -9. {/eq}

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