What is your evaluation of the change implementation steps followed by Skinner?


What is your evaluation of the change implementation steps followed by Skinner?

Insert context header here: Drawbacks of change implementation in Skinner

Insert context explanation here...Change implementation is a very crucial task for any organization. For implementing change, an organization has to take in confidence all its employees and make them prepare accordingly. It can also use Lewin's three-stage change policy for the smooth implementation of any change in the organization.

Answer and Explanation:

On evaluating the implementation of agile development methodology it can be seen that agile cannot be implemented suddenly in an organization since it led to a very large change in the organization. So before initiating such a change, an organization should discuss with the employees to know about their views. Skinner just only announced the implementation of Agile, whereas many employees were ignorant about the software. It took such a big decision without even employees knowing about it. The strategic changes before the implementation phase require a three-stage process involving a change in technology and tools. Generally, the employees of the organization were given the responsibility for managing the change process and to take care of the implementation process. In this case, the strategy change was so sudden that employees resist adapting to this huge change. The resistance was due to the following points-

1. Employees were happy in their present state, they do not want changes

2. They were not given any training on the implementation

3. The company have not explained the reason for this change to them

4. They felt insecure, that they will lose their job

5. They felt it is too costly and not cost worthy

6. They thought that there is no need for this change and it would be a sure failure

Skinner also made a mistake by not following Lewin's three stages change policy-

1. Unfreezing- This stage involves making the employees comfortable with the change by explaining the need, implementation procedure, and the after-effects of the change.

2. Moving stage- This stage encourages the employees to work as a team to implement the changes

3. Refreezing- This stage involves employees to be made comfortable again in their present situation after the change implementation.

Skinner did not follow any of these stages for implementation. If it had used these above change policies, it could have easily found out the reason for resistance from the employees. It should have also educated the employees about the change in advance and could have faced less resistance while implementing the change.

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