What kind of noise does a raccoon make?


What kind of noise does a raccoon make?


Raccoons are mammals native to North America that are members of the family Procyonidae. Raccoons are highly intelligent omnivores with dexterous hands, allowing them to live in a variety of different habitats (including human homes).

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Raccoons tend to be very vocal animals, so they can make a wide variety of different sounds. In fact, some researchers estimate that there are more than 200 unique sounds that a raccoon can make in different circumstances. If raccoons are in a confrontation with another raccoon or animal, they can make aggressive sounds, like snarls, hisses, and shrieks. In happier situations, raccoons might make purring sounds, much like a cat. If raccoons are scared or nervous, they might also make a whimpering or whining sound. When raccoons are just being curious, they can make a "chittering" sound. Raccoon kits will make different sounds from adults, such as mewing, crying, and cooing.

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