What month is August on the Egyptian calendar?


What month is August on the Egyptian calendar?

The Month of August:

The month of Gregorian month of August was previously known as the month of Sextilis on the Julian calendar and on the old Roman calendar. However, shortly after Rome adopted the Julian calendar, the Roman senate renamed the month of Sextilis for Emperor Augustus.

Answer and Explanation:

The Gregorian month of August generally corresponds to the Egyptian month of Mesori. Mesori generally starts in early August and concludes in early September ob the Gregorian calendar. The month of Mesori was the fourth month of the season of Low Water. The Egyptians only had three seasons. These seasons included Flood, Growth, and Low Water. These seasons reflect the importance of water in Egyptian society. It is also worth noting that Mesori was the last month of the Egyptian calendar and came before the first month of Thoth, which was the first month of the season of Flood.

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