What month is September on the Jewish calendar?


What month is September on the Jewish calendar?

September on the Jewish Calendar:

The month of September originates with the calendar used during the Roman Republic. This was a solar calendar whose months were independent of the phases of the Moon—they were either 29 or 31 days long, and there were originally only ten of them as the winter months, during which there were no agricultural tasks of the sort associated with the calendar, were not included. This is why September is named after the number seven. even though it is now considered the ninth month.

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Since the Jewish calendar is a combined lunar and solar calendar in which months begin and end according to the phases of the Moon, it never exactly coincides with the months of the Gregorian calendar, which is solar and divides the year into arbitrary months that are independent of the lunar cycle. This means that there is no exact equivalent to the month of September, though it overlaps to some degree with the Jewish months of Elul and Tishri.

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