What nations decolonized in the early 1800s?


What nations decolonized in the early 1800s?

Decolonization vs. Independence :

These two terms are intrinsically linked - however they are not interchangeable. While decolonization movements have historically always been independence movements, not all independence movements are have been decolonization movements. Take, for example, the United States war of Independence against Great Britain. While the U.S. did achieve independence from Britain, it did not decolonize America; instead, colonization of the American west was drastically increased in the wake of the American War for Independence.

Answer and Explanation:

In the early 1800s a wave of independence movements broke out in South America; all in defiance of the colonial authority of the Spanish empire. These independence movements led to the creation of nations that we know today, like Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Mexico. However, these independence movements were organized by creole elites (people of European heritage born in the New World) who felt stifled by the superiority of peninsular elites (people of European heritage born in Europe). So, in short, the Latin American independence movements did not overturn the colonial system that privileged Europeans; instead they simply transferred power from European elites in Europe, to European elites in Latin America.

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