What negative impacts were there when John Cabot explored North America?


What negative impacts were there when John Cabot explored North America?

The Exploration of North America:

John Cabot is accredited for paving the way for the English to have a share in the "race" for exploring the New World during the Age of Exploration. His 1497 voyage resulted in England's claim to Canada, which Cabot mistook as part of Asia. His final days are still a mystery as he was never seen while en route to North America in 1498.

Key Figures:

  • John Cabot – Born Giovanni Caboto, Cabot was a Venetian navigator and explorer who sailed and landed in Canada under commission of the English throne.
  • King Henry VII of England – King of England and Lord of Ireland, Henry VII was the first ruler of the House of Tudor. He commissioned John Cabot's exploration of North America, sailing from Bristol.
  • Sebastian Cabot – John's Cabot fathered Sebastian with his wife, Mattea. Sebastian sailed and explored for the English and Spanish crowns. Under King Henry VII's support, he discovered Hudson Bay.

Answer and Explanation:

One negative impact was that due to detrimental weather conditions on his second voyage, Cabot and his crew were never heard from again. Also, it has...

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