What number times 3 equals 27?


What number times 3 equals 27?

Sentence to Equation:

We can translate a sentence into an equation by using algebraic operations. Here, we use + for "more than", - for "less than, multiplication for "times" etc.

Answer and Explanation:

Let us assume the number to be {eq}x {/eq}.

The problem says, "number times {eq}3 {/eq} equals {eq}27 {/eq}".

So we get the equation:

$$3x=27 \\[0.4cm] \text{Dividing both sides by 3}, \\[0.4cm] \dfrac{3x}{3}= \dfrac{27}{3} \\[0.4cm] x= \boxed{\mathbf{9}} $$

Therefore, {eq}\boxed{\mathbf{9}} {/eq} times {eq}3 {/eq} equals {eq}27 {/eq}.

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