What part of speech is until?


What part of speech is until?

Word Types:

In the English language, there are words that convey who or what and actions (nouns and verbs). There are words that describe (adjectives and adverbs). There are replacement words (pronouns) and words that are abrupt (interjections). As well, there are words that act as connectors (conjunctions) or words that show relationships of time and location (prepositions).

Basic Adverb Types:

  • Words: adverbs can be single terms that modify a verb, adjective, or adverb. For example "quickly," "now," "basically," and "tomorrow" are all examples of single-term adverbs.
  • Phrases: adverbs can be entire phrases (a phrase is a group of words without a subject and verb). For example, "in the morning," "after the movie," and "outside the lines" are all prepositional phrases that function as adverbs.
  • Clauses: adverbs can be written as an entire dependent clause (a dependent clause is a statement that includes a subject and verb, but is not a complete thought). For example, "Because I wanted a new car" and "After I came in the door" are both adverbial clauses.

Answer and Explanation:

The word until acts as a preposition in a sentence because it shows the relationship of time between two ideas within a sentence, and it also acts as...

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