What planet has moons named after Shakespearean characters?


What planet has moons named after Shakespearean characters?

William Herschel:

Frederick William Hershel was born on November 15, 1738 in Hanover, Holy Roman Empire (present-day Germany), and he was provided with a musical education and became part of the band of the Hanoverian Guards. In 1757, William, along with his brother Jakob, were sent to Britain following the loss at the Battle of Hastenbeck. In England, he became a renowned oboe player and composed music, and during the 1770s, he became interested in astronomy, where his most remembered contributions remain.

Answer and Explanation:

Uranus has moons named after Shakespearean characters.

On March 13, 1781, Sir William Herschel discovered the seventh planet, and he named it Uranus...

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