What role did Lester Pearson play during Cuba's missile crisis?


What role did Lester Pearson play during Cuba's missile crisis?

Cuba's Crisis and Canada:

A U2 flight on October 14, 1962, disclosed the construction of a missile launching pad in Cuba. The US military under General Curtis LeMay lead the attack, bombed the USSR project and ousted President Castro. An impending was had been prevented.

Answer and Explanation:

In the heat of thwarting the attempt of Cuba and USSR to launch its missiles, Lester Pearson of Canada's Liberal Party then spoke about the imminent crisis the discovery would initiate and promoted peace talks to halt further disaster. Still, in his speech in Toronto, he asserted that he was in favor of nuclear warheads for Canada in NATO and NORAD. The Diefenbaker administration accepted the Bomarc missiles, and when Pearson became the prime minister, he later accepted the warheads.

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