What's a divisor?


What is a divisor?

Mathematical Terminology

In mathematics, as well as in many other subjects, it's important to use correct terminology. There are many commonly-used math terms that you should know, such as quotient, dividend, numerator, denominator, and polygon.

Answer and Explanation:

In a division problem, a divisor is the number you divide BY. In other words, it's the number of groups you are making. It's found on the bottom of the fraction line, or the number outside of the long division symbol.


In division problems, you have four main parts. The quotient is the number being divided up into groups, the divisor is the number of groups you are making, the dividend is the number of parts in each group (the answer), and the remainder is how many can't fit into a whole group.

For example, in the problem 243 divided by 24, the divisor would be 24 because you're going to divide 243 by that number. The number 243 in this example would be called the dividend.

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