What type of culture is desirable by CEO Lowell Mc Adam to meet his goals? Discuss


What type of culture is desirable by CEO Lowell Mc Adam to meet his goals?


Organization Culture:

The culture defining the faith, assumption, values, and method of communication which offer to the new social and emotional environment of an organization is known as the organizational culture. It affects the process people and organization communicate with all, customers, and shareholders.

Answer and Explanation:

The desired type of culture that is required to meet the business goals are:

1) Developing more market culture and less hierarchy culture because McAdam wants to develop the market culture because the culture of the market views all external and internal dimension in the market terms, it also implies some aspects of the culture like goal are distributed, results and outputs.

2) Creation of plan: Lowell McAdam must plan the strategy regarding which type of product must be produced to increase the profitability of the company. For the company like telecommunication must produce the good related to the consumer benefit and must have market-oriented culture because the telecommunication industry is the highly competitive industry for the accomplishing the shared goals and accomplishing the supervisor shared goals.

The culture can be changed through a different process such as:

1) Process of hiring

2) Balance scorecard

3) Leader involvement

4) Changing the method of communication

5) Technological use and improvement

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